SSVP's Lenten Visit to Old Age Home

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul (SSVP), HFC chapter, is a voluntary, fraternal, and charitable organization of laypeople who serve the poor and the needy, regardless of caste, creed, or religion. The Society not only provides them with material and financial assistance but also strives to help them spiritually.

As part of our annual Lenten retreat for the year 2022-23, the members of SSVP visited the Guanella Home for the Aged situated on Hennur Road, run by the Priests of the Gaunellians order, on the 26th of March 2023. We were warmly welcomed by the Superior, Rev Fr Kulandai, who not only showed us around the campus and introduced us to the inmates but also greatly appreciated the provisions, toiletries, and clothes that were donated on behalf of our chapter.

Most of the 50 plus inmates are old and are either physically challenged or sick but surprisingly from all strata of society. The trust takes care of them and enables them to live a life of respect and dignity. It not only provides shelter, food, and clothing to the inmates who come from various religious backgrounds but also takes care of their spiritual wellbeing. We had the wonderful opportunity to interact with all of them and came back with a determination to do more.

Mrs. Nirmala Bosco
President | Society of St. Vincent De Paul (SSVP)
Holy Family  Church | Ramamurthy Nagar