Parish Priests

Rev. Fr. Amarnath Dinesh Roy (2016 - till date)

Rev. Fr. Amarnath Dinesh Roy is the parish priest of the Holy Family Church. He was appointed as the Parish Priest of the Holy Family Church, Ramamurthy Nagar on 14 June 2016. Fr. Amarnath is a very young dynamic priest full of energy and enthusiasm, who brought a lot of innovation in the parish.

Fr. Amar inculcated the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the minds of the parishioners. He encouraged people to install the picture of Sacred Heart of Jesus in their houses and pray to it every day. He has also introduced many innovations in liturgy such as reciting of 1000 beads rosary.

Fr. Amar has brought youthfulness in the parish. He motivates children to attend catechism by organizing several special programs for them and by providing them snacks. With the help of Archbishop Dr. Bernard Moras, he is constructing a new presbytery at Holy Family Church, which was in the wish list of many of the former parish priests.

Former Parish Priests

Holy Family Church, Ramamurthy Nagar was blessed to have several great parish priests.

Fr. Amarnath

Rev. Fr. Maria Selvan (2015 -2016)

Fr. Maria Selvan took charge as the Parish Priest of the Holy Family Church in 2015 after the sudden demise of Fr. Thomiar. Fr. Maria Selvan brought Charismatic touch to the church. He encouraged people to praise and worship the lord. People loved his retreats and adorations.

Fr. Maria Selvan gave great importance to the pastoral needs of the parish. He introduced charismatic prayer services and adoration services. People were attracted to him by his strong commanding voice and Gregorian music.

Though his health did not support his much, yet he accepted the pain and served the parish very happily.

Fr. S. Thomiar (2014 -2015)

Fr. S. Thomiar was appointed as the Parish Priest of the Holy Family Church in 2014. Right from the time he took charge of the parish, Fr. Thomiar embarked to develop the church campus. Fr. Thomiar developed the church garden and ensured that the church campus was filled with flowers all through the year. He cleaned up the area near the Marian grotto and beautified the grotta. Though his span at Holy Family Church was very short, he spent his time and energy to clean and beautify the entire church campus.

Fr. Thomiar formed two new committees in the parish namely, the Finance Council and the Minority Committee. It was during his tenure that the Annual Feast of the Parish in grand manner along with cart procession around the parish. He welcomed people to actively participate in the liturgy and encouraged new people to read at the altar. He brought transparency in the parish. He upgraded the music and sound system of the church.

Fr. Thomiar died on July 24th in Yangon, Mayanmar. He was on a retreat in Burma and was having the desert experience according to St. Charles de Foucauld’s Spirituality. Fr. Thomas was priest known to be simple, adaptable to any situation and loved by people from all status of society. He never took tension upon himself and would turn a stressful situation into a humorous one. He did not like to possess many things and had only a couple of clothes and simple belongings with him and was very generous to the poor.

Fr. Chinnappa (2008 - 2014)

Fr. Chinnappa was appointed as the Parish Priest of the Holy Family Church in 2008. Fr. Chinnappa was loved him for his simplicity and his sense of humor. He was a very generous person. In fact, no one who entered his office asking for help left empty handed.

Fr. Chinnappa installed the statue of Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ in the Marian grotto and inculcated the devotion to the Divine Mercy in the minds of the parishioners. He encouraged people to install the picture of Divine Mercy in their houses and pray to it every day.

Fr. Chinnappa was a youthful person who attracted everyone, especially the youth. Anyone entering the church campus on week-ends would always find a short figure playing football with the children. He was instrumental in reviewing the youth group of the parish. Under his great guidance, the youth of parish flourished. He organized several activities for the youth such as youth retreat, seminars, bible studies, carols, and cleaning activities in and around the church. During his tenure, the parish youth participated in various diocese-level competition and won several awards.

Holy Family Church will always cherish and remember Fr. Chinnappa as a simple and generous priest who brought similes to everyone with his witty jokes.

Fr. S. Roys (2002 - 2008)

Fr. S. Roys was appointed as the Parish Priest of the Holy Family Church in 2008. Fr. Roys, being one of the great musicians of the diocese used his musical talents to improve the choirs in the parish. On Sundays, if one did not see him at the altar, they would definitely find him behind the keyboard along with the choir members.

Thanks to his personal interest and training, the congregation coming to attend services at the Holy Family church now enjoyed the harmony of music and singing. This helped in drawing more and more people to attend mass in our parish. It was during Fr. Roys time, the sanctuary had a face lift. The church was adorned with a wooden sanctuary.

Fr. John Abraham (1997- 2002)

Fr. John Abraham, the Chief Judge of the Archdiocesan Tribunal was appointed to be the shepherd of the Holy Family Parish in June 1997. By this time a relative calm had descended on the parish. At the end of the second year he put a new mosaic flooring for the Church. The parish by now was quite large and on 12th September 1999, Holy Family parish mothered its first child, a new parish, Mother of Perpetual Help Church, Udayanagar. The following December 30th was a red-letter day for the parish when a second son of the parish, Maria Alphonse Raj, a Salesian, son of Mr. S.R. Philip and Velankanni was ordained to the priesthood. The Ordination was the first one of this kind in the parish Church. The entire parish rejoiced 011 this occasion of grace. Soon it was time for every Christian to celebrate the Second millennium of Christ's birth -Yesu Kristu Jayanthi 2000. Fr. John Abraham who is very enthusiastic, vibrant and prayerful in nature, prepared the parishioners to celebrate the Great Jubilee of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Kristu Jayanthi Jubilee ended on a grand scale with an Eucharistic procession around the main roads of the Church. This was a unique and enriching experience for all the parishners.

Fr. Sagayanthan (1990-1997)

Rev. Fr. Sagayanthan was appointed as the Parish Priest in 1990. He was young, energetic and prayerful. There was a swift growth in the spiritual wellbeing of the parishioners. The liturgical language problem had not yet ceased. The parishioners were trying to establish a better inter­ personal relationship with each other. The liturgical services under the guidance and leadership of their shepherd became more participatory and enriching.

The Church did not have an adequate presbytery. With the help of the diocese and the   co-operation of the parishioners a presbytery was built. Fr. Sagayanathan built a Church at Udayanagar, the substation of the parish, put up the first floor of Nazareth Hall, and renovated the sanctuary of the Church.

At this time the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes, entered the parish scene. They began social and pastoral mission in the slums and the poorer localities. Just before his transfer Fr. Sagayanathan started the St. Vincent De Paul Society in the parish.

Fr. Simon D' Silva (1983-1990)

It was a hard time for Fr. Simon to carry on with parish activities, as he took charge of the parish in difficult circumstances. This was a trying time for the Church in Bangalore itself. In accordance with a directive of the Archbishop of Bangalore that each parish was to decide for itself the languages used for liturgy, Holy Family parish after a painful process decided to have the liturgical services in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and English. The timing of each service in the respective languages also was decided.

The parish bore its first fruits on 19th May 1987 when a son of the parish J. Nirmal Kumar son of Mr. Fabian and Lucy was ordained to the Priesthood for the Archdiocese of Bangalore. Quite a few vocations were blossoming in the religious life too.

To make the parish a praying community Fr. D' Silva introduced the charismatic prayer groups. Through their regular prayer meetings the faith of the people was strengthened. Till now the Church did not have a compound wall. Fr. D'Silva put up a compound wall through donations from the parishioners. A grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes was also built according to the wishes of the parishioners.

Fr. Francis Michaelappa (1982-83)

Rev. Fr. Francis Michaelappa (later bishop of Mysore) was parish priest of Holy Family parish for a short while. Due to various reasons, one of which was his ill health that he could not carry on for more than a year. He took leave for about nine months. The Salesians and the Sisters of St. Anne's of Bangalore helped the parishioners with their spiritual activities. The problem of language to be used for the liturgical services crept in more strongly. In the midst of a heavy tension the parish was taken over by Rev. Fr. Simon D'Silva.

Fr. Francis Xavier (1978-82)

The Salesians handed over the parish to the diocese in 1978. Rev. Francis Xavier was appointed the parish priest. All the activities of the parish continued with zest and enthusiasm. The parishioners increased in number. They belonged to different languages. At this time the Church in Ban­ galore witnessed great unrest within the laity and the clergy in the name of liturgical language. Many parishes experienced this unrest. Mass began to be celebrated on Sundays in English, Kannada and Tamil. Three choirs were formed. Seeing it positively it added richness to the liturgical celebrations. Fr. Xavier started a Typing Institute which gave the parish youth an advantage when they were to seek for a job.

Fr. John Nedumpuram(1975-1978)

Rev. Fr. John Nedumpuram SDB was the first Parish Priest of Holy Family parish. The young parish was vibrant with spiritual, social and communitarian activities. Under the Salesian brothers the youth wing of the parish was kept active. The sisters of St. Anne's of Bangalore started the Jyothi Nilaya Convent and shifted St. Antony's School by the side of the parish Church. The parish children got a chance to receive Christian education. The liturgical celebrations, carol singing and other activities of the parish youth, children and seniors rocked Doorvaninagar.

Fr. John Nedumpuram completed the construction of the church building. He also constructed an additional building next to the Church for vocational and tailoring classes called 'Nazareth Sadan'. He was an active Salesian who kept the Parish spiritually active. The Salesian spirituality flourished in the Parish especially among the youth and children.