“Let the little children come to me” (Luke: 18: 16). Faith formation is an immediate need of every child of this era as the other negative elements are affecting the minds of the children. On realizing the need of the hour, the parish priest along with his parish council organizes the catechism classes on every Sundays for the catholic children of our parish. The classes are conducted in collaboration with the brothers who come for their weekend ministry and the sisters of St.Anne’s of Bangalore and with the help of few volunteers of our parish as well.


Every week, the catechism begins with the assembly at 9.15 am wherein they have a short prayer, announcements about the special programs and a message for the week followed by a hymn. After the assembly, the children disperse to their classes along with their respective teachers..


The classes begin at 9.30 a.m. and get over by 10.20 a.m. The inputs are given according to their standard. The small children are introduced to the recitation of the prayers and in order to make the classes interesting, they are taught lot of actions songs and biblical stories. The little bigger children are enlightened about the Old Testament and New Testament especially the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of the Church.

Methods Used: Lecture Method, Audio Visual, Actions Songs and Common Songs, Competitions, Group Activities and Creative Programmes and animations.


To ensure their regularity in attending the catechism classes they are given an identity card in which the teacher puts his/her signature every week.


In order to refresh their mind, the exams are conducted for the children during the course of the year. There are two exams conducted, one is in the month of October and the other in the month of March. These exams in fact strengthen the confidence of the children.

Special Events

The children are not only restricted to classes alone rather they have a lot of room for learning the bible through various competitions and animations. The special programs such as singing, dance, quiz, essay writing, party games and drawings are conducted every month which enable the children to grow in the knowledge of Christ. These competitions pave a way to come out with their creativity. Besides various competitions they are also animated by the experts on different topics.

Animation of Mass

The catechism children animate the Sunday masses by doing the readings and looking into the other details of the mass by taking turn according to their classes. The entire mass is animated by the children especially by taking part in the choir and singing beautifully and thus they make the service more lively and meaningful for everyone.

Annual Day

At the end of the year the annual day is celebrated in a grant manner. The children are awarded with the prizes and certificates for their participation in various competitions conducted during the course of the year. The entire programme is organized by the children themselves which serve as a testimony for their fruitful learning in the catechism classes.

Annual Reports

HFC Annual Catechism Report 2018-2019

For more information contact

The Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Amarnath Dinesh Roy (+91-9845721251)
Catechism Co-ordinator
Rev. Bro. Fabian SDB