Catholic Women’s League (Rosary Group)


The Catholic Women’s League Holy Family church unit has been in existence in our parish for almost five years. The unit originally started in the year 2014, when Rev. Fr. Chinnappa was the parish priest, with some like-minded women in the parish, who had the desire to pray the rosary in the grotto during the entire month of May and later continued to spread the devotion to rosary throughout the year. Rev. Fr. Thomiar (parish priest 2014 -2015) nurtured their growth, and Rev. Fr. Maria Selvan (parish priest 2015 -2016) encouraged them. Rev. Fr. Amarnath Dinesh Roy, who took charge of the parish in 2016, guided them to be structured and organized as an association names Catholic Women’s League, which is one of the recognized associations in the archdiocese of Bangalore.


Monthly meetings are held on every Thursday of the week at 5.p.m in the Catholic Women’s League room situated at the ground floor of the Parish hall. The League comprises over 30 active members, of which 20 to 25 members attend the meetings regularly. Members meet every week to pray, organise, and discuss their progress, issues and concerns regarding their service and activities in the parish.


The Catholic Women’s League Holy Family unit performs the following activities:

  • Spread the devotion to Rosary.
  • Organize Rosary for 30 days during the Marian Month of May and October. Solemnize the last day of the Marian Month with providing food for participants.
  • Clean and mob the holy family church on Mondays throughout the year.
  • Help the parish priest in the Summer Children Bible camp by cooking for the students during camp every year.
  • Organize Food stalls and other activities during Mission Sunday Food Fest.
  • Pray for the deceased in our parish on the day of death and anniversary days at their houses.
  • Visit and pray for the sick people at homes or hospital as per need.
  • Organize pilgrimage every year during Lenten season to visit different churches and do the Way of the Cross.

For more information contact

Mrs. Evajin Rubin
Vice President
Mrs. Magdalene (9535493974)
Mrs. Magila
Mrs. Pramila