Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes - Sangraha


Sangraha is a Non-Governmental organization run by Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes. It began in the year 1993. It was named as Sahodara Prema Seva mandir situated in Bharathi Nagar in Frazer town . Then it was shifted on the 15th of July 1993 to Ramamurthy Nagar and named as ’Sangraha’ which means in Sanskrit Bringing people to a home’. For the long 13 years the sisters lived with the inmates - women and their children  in rented houses. The Women and children the inmates of SPSM were rehabilitated before the shifting.

Today Sangraha is involved in Seven slums and various apostolates mainly temporary shelter and rehabilitation for the poor women/ young girls in crisis especially unwed mothers/ single mothers and battered women.

The sisters are grateful to God and to the province that has sent them there with the specific mission. Many difficulties and problems were to be surmounted during course of time to establish the house and the ministry in the surrounding slums. The presence of SJT community makes a difference to the people here especially to the poor and the marginalized. It is visible and credible to some extent in witnessing the Charism of Communion.


Rooted in our Charism of Trinitarian Communion, we the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes radically share in the Vision and Mission of Jesus, “Father May They All Be One”.


Moved by the liberative & compassionate Mission of Jesus and urged/impelled by the creative spirit of our foundresses, we radically get involved and commit ourselves to participate in the Mission of Jesus to be in solidarity with the poor and the marginalized, in order to give hope and ensure fullness of life.


Go into the whole world and preach the Gospel to the whole creation.” (Mk16.15)
Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes render the following services to the people of our locality:

  • Centre for Women in Distress: Battered women, runaway girls, distressed women, unwed mothers, widows, poor and needy women Counseling, skill training, life coping skills, job placement and rehabilitation Broken families.
  • Slum Development: Formation of self-help groups(SHG) 3 SHG Federation Skill training in tailoring, embroidery Value based education for women Legal mobile clinics and paralegal clinics Right to information (RTI) Community health programmes, health camps, eye camps Issue based programmes Staff meetings once in two months Housing scheme.
  • Construction Workers Children: Coaching classes for the school going children (especially Government schools) National and Religious festival celebrations and cultural activities Saving scheme for school going children Value Education Providing nutritional food Recreational activities Summer camp.
  • Physically Challenged Persons: Taping Government resources for job placement. To obtain pension. To obtain bus pass, etc.
  • Poor Widows: Taping Government resources for job placement. To obtain pension. To obtain pension, medical help, etc.
  • Networking with Government and Non-Governmental Organizations Pastoral Work: Visiting the families Communion distribution to the sick and elderly.
  • Staff Meeting: Planning and Evaluation before and after each program.

For more information contact

Rev. Sr. Irudaya Mary (+91-85535-22571)