Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary (Legio Mariae) is an international association of practicing members of the Catholic Church who serve the Church on a voluntary basis. It was founded in Dublin, Ireland, as a Roman Catholic Marian Movement by layman Frank Duff.

The Legion of Mary was started in our parish on June 27th, 1965 with the Anbin Annai Praesidium. Since, we did not have a church at that time, it was held in the nearby St. Antony’s Church.

To be in the Legion of Mary, one must be a lay catholic. The stated mission is for active members to serve God under the banner of Mary by practicing the Corporal and spiritual Works of Mercy as mentioned in chapter 33 of the Legion of Mary Handbook. The main apostolate of the Legion consists in activities directed towards Catholics and non-Catholics encouraging them in their faith or inviting them to become Catholic. This is done through encouraging them in prayer, attending Mass and learning more about the Catholic faith. The members of the Legion are primarily engaged in the performance of the Spiritual Works of Mercy rather than works of material aid.

Our parish is blessed with the following three units of the Legion of Mary, which are called a praesidiums. All these 3 praesidiums come under the Queen of Missions Curia.